As parents, we often find that teaching our kids the truths found is scripture can be a difficult task. And measuring how much of your teaching (and their reading) that they have actually comprehended can be just as difficult as well. But there are tools that God has gifted to us that helps us in our process…and one of those tools is called “Catechisms”.

We’ve put together a great little downloadable pamphlet entitled “Catechism for our Kiddos” to help us be more intentional about raising up our kids in the way of the Lord (Download below).

GCC Parents: going through this Children’s Catechism a little at a time with your kids can be a useful guide in your home devotion, and can help you teach your kids about God, Christ, the Church, and the many truths we find in scripture (which we should strive to know as followers of Christ). Furthermore, when your children can recite the answers to these questions, you’ll be better equipped to discern whether they “know” or understand these truths.

Download the “Catechism for our Kiddos” guide here
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