Photo of the interior of GCC's unfinished building

Here’s the *Updated* Information!

Praise God – He is building our church a little at a time!  After receiving several donations and re-calculating our needs, we wanted to give you an Updated Total to finish up GCC’s Building.

After adding up all the previous donations, as well as the donated materials and labor from over 16 generous contractors and donors, then subtracting that from our renovation budget and process, it’s clear that we’ve made quite a bit of headway. However, there are still some very BIG holes to fill to complete our 9th street building renovations.

Previous Financial and Labor Donations

To Date, we’ve received the following generous donations from a list of contractors and donors, and are very appreciative for their sacrificial giving to see the name and Gospel of Jesus spread:

  • Planning & Zoning “Plan Review” Fees
  • Plumbing Fixtures, Water/Sewer lines, and related Labor
  • Concrete Finishing Labor
  • Architectural Drawings & Design
  • HVAC Installation Labor
  • Demolition & Clean-up Labor
  • Landscaping Labor
  • Facility Light Fixtures (except Worship Center)
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tile (except Worship Center)
  • Signage
  • Furniture (tables, etc.)
  • Worship Center & Fellowship Hall Chairs
  • Basket Ball Goals for Parking Lot

Unfortunately, there have been a few contractors/donations fall through since the first publishing of this page, which we ended up having to pay for, increasing our overall cost of finishing. These costs include:

  • Land Survey, Elevation & Drainage Plan  (completed)
  • Concrete Cutting for plumbing/sewer lines (completed)
  • Drywall Installation/Finishing (still needed)
  • Land Prep – for parking, drainage, and north entry  (partially completed)

We are still in need of the following things:

We’ve calculated our needs and have divided it by the number of square feet we are renovating to give us an estimated “Cost Per Square Foot” that we need to raise.  All thing considered, this STILL adds up to around $25/sq.ft, and this includes the following needs:

  • A few Insulation rolls (to replace missing/damaged pieces)
  • Flooring – carpet, concrete prep, & tile labor (tile donated)
  • Finish Funding Parking Lot Pavement (which is partially-funded)
  • Exterior Doors
  • Interior Doors & Hardware (frames already funded)
  • Glass (for interior windows)
  • Drywall (both product and installation)
  • Primer & Paint
  • Funding to complete Electrical Installation
  • Funding to purchase HVAC Units (Ducting is currently INSTALLED)
  • Worship Center Lighting
  • Audio/Video/Network Cabling & Equipment
  • Fellowship Hall Cabinetry,
  • Office Floor Joists & Subfloor Lumber & Installation
  • Ceiling Tile Grid Frame
  • and a plethora of other items and installation costs.

Here’s What We’re Asking…

We’re asking you again to prayerfully consider helping GCC continue it’s move to 9th Street, by “Purchasing” (sponsoring/donating) a Finished Square Foot of Space (or two, or ten). Whereas you won’t be able to take this foot of space home with you each week, your sponsorship will be recorded and placed on a placard in the hallway of our building once the facility has been finished.

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