Gospel Community Church’s Mission is to make Disciple-making-Disciples among both the hearing and the Deaf Communities, and we are focusing our missions efforts in accordance to where Jesus taught us to go in Acts 1:8 (“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”).  We’re using this biblical model to shape our approach, and have been focusing our missional efforts in our own City of Owensboro (our Jerusalem); in our home state of Kentucky (our Judea); within the continental U.S. (our Samaria), and to the end of the earth (Internationally).  Our Missional focuses are outlined below and broken up into sections for your convenience. Please pray for GCC as we move forward in reaching the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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– Our Jerusalem –

  • Missional Community Groups

  • Youth & Children’s Missions
Local Church Partnerships

Our hometown of Owensboro, KY may be located in the heart of the “Bible Belt” but there is still a LOT of work to be done in this area, specifically within the Deaf Community. We’re currently on mission to reach the lost in our area through our Missional Community Groups (called “Grow Groups”), our Youth and Children’s Program, and through training up Disciples within our church – sending them out to live ON MISSION each week. Come visit us or contact us to find out more about our local missional opportunities.

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– Our Judea –

  • Regional Church Planting Efforts
  • Strategic Church Partnerships
  • KBC Missional Opportunities

There are 180,000+ Culturally Deaf people in the state of Kentucky, and countless other oppressed and overlooked people groups. So we are actively partnering with other like-minded Churches, Missional Community Groups, and organization throughout the state to help reach these folks with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being new members of the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Blackford-Breckenridge Baptist Association, we also will continue to participate as much as possible with theses God-glorifying entities to reach the lost in our state, through the co-operative program and through other missional opportunities made available. Come partner with GCC and help us reach the lost here in the beautiful Bluegrass State! 

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– Our Samaria –

  • The Banquet Network
  • Sojourn Network
  • Strategic Church & Organizational Partnerships
  • SBC Missional Opportunities

There are over 1.8 MILLION Culturally Deaf people in the United States, and less that 40 churches that are contextualized to their language and culture. Seeing the need in reaching this particular Unreached People Group, we are actively seeking partnerships with other like-minded Churches to help us PLANT more churches aimed at reaching these folks and other oppressed and overlooked people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please consider contacting us about how YOUR church can help us plant churches throughout the US to reach the unreached!

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– The Ends of the Earth –

  • International Church Planting Efforts
  • Strategic Missions Partnerships
  • International Missionary Support

Being only 1 year old (as of this writing), the leadership at GCC has spent the majority of our time and efforts trying to get firmly planted and settled, and we are just now making our way into international missions. We’ve recently started discussions in partnering with international missionaries who are reaching the Deaf Community in places such as Haiti, Africa and beyond, and have also started discussing international church planting and support to existing churches/areas that lack resources. Please pray for our International efforts, and that God would point us to the greatest need and use us to make His name known. Also, please consider partnering with us in taking the gospel to those unreached regions of the world. 

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Our Strategic Partners

Gospel Community Church partners with several organizations in an effort to help reach the unreached, as well as to plant, support and grow healthy churches. Here are just a few of our strategic partners in whom we support (and in whom supports GCC):