Dear Brothers, Sisters & Partners in Ministry,

As you may already know, GCC launched it’s Online Streaming services nearly three years ago, with the overall purpose of streaming our preaching and teaching into churches (specifically small Deaf churches and groups of gathered Deaf believers) who were without a current pastor or solid, biblical teaching. Our efforts in this ministry has been to “build up” believers throughout our nation and across the world for the work of the ministry (through video), because there is a huge lack of resources for these image-bearers of God.

Over the past year, GCC has unfortunately experienced many difficulties relating to our ability to effectively stream our worship services online. Sound quality issues, service provider familiarity issues, budget restrictions, and the availability of knowledgable volunteers (to setup, troubleshoot, operate the equipment) have all made it difficult to provide a quality streaming experience to those who utilize it (and broadcast it in their church). Furthermore, since we moved our weekly worship services to the Neblett Center, we unfortunatly lost access to internet speeds needed to properly stream our services.

With that said, we’ve again recently and prayerfully decided to put this Ministry on “Hold” for the time being, until God equips us to be physically and financially able to carry out this mission WELL. We’re going to continue to pray fervently that God sends us the resources, knowledgable manpower, and the wisdom to re-launch this ministry as quickly as possible – on HIS timing and not ours – and we ask that you join us in interceding with the Father.

Pray specifically for the following things:

Church, continue to pray for the work we’re doing, the ministries we have started, the volunteers, the leaders, and most especially the people we’re trying to reach. Pray that God would use our little church and every ministry within to make known the name of Jesus and the glorious Gospel that saves even the most depraved wretch like me.

In Christ,

Joshua Vandgrift
Worship Pastor
Gospel Community Church