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Dear Friends and Church Family,

This past week was a huge step for Gospel Community Church, and we’re extremely thankful for the Grace that God has extended to us week after week during this church planting season. Over the past two years, we’ve baptized a number new believers, have witnessed incredible changes in the hearts and lives of people, and have seen believers legitimately grow in Christ. We pray he will continue to bless us in reaching the unreached here in Owensboro, and in growing us and shaping us to look more like Christ.

As we transition into the start of year three, we recognize that we still have a looooong road ahead of us in this planting process, in order to become even more sustainable, autonomous, and in giving the church a broader sense of legitimacy in the community.

With that being said, one of the biggest things we’ll be praying toward in 2017 is that God will bless us with a freestanding place to call “Home”.  A place we can more thoroughly contextualize our services to the needs of the people group in which we are trying hard to reach. A place that allows us to meet at more culturally-expected times, rather than the middle of the afternoon (which will thereby also add to the sense of legitimacy and allow us to better stream our services to Deaf churches without pastors throughout the US and beyond).

As you probably already know, over the past nearly year-and-a-half, Heritage Baptist Church and Heritage Christian School have both graciously allowed us to utilize their chapel, and they have been extremely generous and patient with us each and every week. We absolutely LOVE the relationship we have with these brothers and sisters in Christ, and I hope and pray that they feel as comfortable and as genuinely loved as we do in this arrangement. However, as much as we would love (and want) to stay there forever, we realize that it would not be a healthy thing for our church overall, regardless of the ease of relationship. Therefore, we need to start further ramping up the tedious process of finding our own facility. We also need to start ramping up the process of “funding” our own facility.

As you may imagine, this sounds like a daunting task, and it no doubt is, especially here in Owensboro. Affordable buildings to accommodate a church are difficult to come by at a cost that sounds feasible to a two-year-old entity. And THAT is why we need your help!

I’m purposfully asking you to help us with FOUR things over the next year….

  1. Help us by PRAYING and interceding for us DAILY. Pray that God will smile on our church and our efforts to see HIS name glorified, and that he would reveal to us HIS plan for the physical needs of our church. Our plans are worthless unless they align with His, so please pray that His will be made known to us, and that He provides a way for us to do the seemingly impossible.
  2. Help us by Keeping your Eyes and Ears Open. Since we spend a good amount of time in weekly prep and shepherding, we need help identifying possible facilities to investigate. So on your way to work, or when you’re roaming around with your family or friends, please keep an eye out for us. Furthermore, if you hear of someone looking to part with a property that may work for us, please shoot us a message on the Contact Us page of this site (or a message on Facebook).
  3. Share THIS link (and the related release on Social Media) with your friends and family, so that they too can be interceding and looking around for us.
  4. Help us raise funds and equipment!  Over the next 12 months, we will be having a LOT of fundraisers! Everything from Chicken and Chili cooks to Events and such, and we’ll need a LOT of help in the process. We’ll also need help getting the word out of these events, so please consider plugging-in during our fundraisers and financially helping us become more physically able to carry out the mission at hand.

With all of that said, we lastly want to say “Thank You” to everyone who has prayed for us and has helped us over the past two years. It has been a great joy to see so many people plug-in and help this little church get off the ground. We are truly a loved church, and we are thankful to God for each person who has sacrificed for us.

In Christ,

Joshua Vandgrift
Worship Pastor
Gospel Community Church