Man Camp 2019 (CANCELED)

//Man Camp 2019 (CANCELED)
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I have an IMPORTANT QUESTION to ask: What does it mean to be a “Man” in this day and age? For many folks, that is unfortunately a difficult question to answer, and I’m speculating that if you were to ask your family, friends, neighbors, and even many of your fellow church members to describe what it means to be a “Man”, you most likely wouldn’t find two answers that are alike. Go ahead and give it a try! 
For far too long now, we’ve allowed the culture around us to influence us (and our children) as to what it means to be a “real man“. Our culture has told us what men should wear, what men should drive, how men should behave and what men should do with their lives. And that is a huge problem considering that same culture doesn’t understand or care about God’s design and purpose in creating man. In fact, the culture around us is now attempting to persuade the masses that “gender is a choice one makes”.  Doesn’t that throw up some red flags? 
The truth is, we are in the middle of an IDENTITY crisis, and we as Believers NEED to cling to the only reliable thing we have – the truths found in scripture – to help us understand what “manhood” is all about. Unfortunately, “Biblical Manhood” is NOT often being taught in our churches, in our small groups, or in our homes. And it’s not trickling down from generation to generation like it once did. We’ve noticed both the crisis and the lack of teaching within our own church and within the christian community around us, and that is what drove us to create this event. 
So we want to invite the Men, the Pastors, the Fathers (if applicable) and their Sons in your church to JOIN US. And we also want to ask your church to PARTNER WITH US for a special weekend retreat aimed at teaching and encouraging men in our circles to strive for “Biblical Manhood”. We’ve even included a media slide for your initial marketing use below, and will be sending additional information as the event draws near. 


Dates: April 12th-13th, 2019
Registration: OPEN NOW (Limited Space on Cabins and Tent Spaces)
Arrival Time: 6:00pm (April 12th)
Departure Time: 5:00pm (April 13th)
Age Range: 5th Grade to Senior Adults (5th grade age and older)
Venue: Schafer Camp – Hawesville, KY  (Click for More Info)
Guest Speaker:  Jonathan Lynn (See Below for More Info) 


Registration & Available Lodging Accommodations:

  • LOCAL ATTENDEE – NO overnight accommodations
    Cost: $5
    If you’re one of the many men who live near Schafer Camp and would prefer to sleep in your own bed at night, you’re more than welcome to join us on Friday Evening and to come back on Saturday Morning for our Main Sessions and Activities. You may want to purchase one of the optional Meal Plans if you plan on dining with us at any point.  Also, the ONLY reason we’re charging a registration fee for Local Attendees is to help us offset the cost of the facility rental and any activities costs.
    Cost Per Tent: $30 (Limit 5 Attendees Per Tent)

    For the more “rugged” outdoorsman types, there are tent camping spaces available. This option allows accommodations and registration for up to FIVE ATTENDEES per tent, but DOES NOT include a Meal Ticket (or access to showers) for any of the attendees in the tent. So grab some buddies and camp together so that you can lower the overall cost. Please note that each attendee can either bring their own meal(s), or purchase one of the optional Meal Tickets.
    *There is flexibility for large families who camp together as a family unit.
  • CABIN LODGING – Per Attendee
    Cost per Attendee: $40.00

    The “Cabin Lodging” ticket (what we call “Glamping”) includes ONE Meal Plan ticket and reserves space in one of the dormitory-style cabins for One Attendee. Each cabin is climate controlled and has bathrooms and showers available for attendees to use. If you are registering multiple individuals, you’ll need to add a ticket for each registrant (so that they have a bed and meal plan reserved for them).

Optional Meal Plans (for Tent Campers and Local Attendees):

    Cost: $18

    The Overnight Meal Plan includes a Hot Dinner on Friday evening, as well as Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday.  If you’re going to be staying in a Tent, this may be the best option for you.
    Cost: $8
    If you’re going to be gathering with us after dinner on Friday Night, and not coming back on Saturday until after breakfast is served, you’ll either want to choose this meal plan or bring your own lunch.


Initial Event Schedule:  

Upon arrival, attendees will check-in and have time to fellowship and put away their personal items if they are staying on the property overnight.  Around 7:00pm, Dinner will be served with more time to fellowship. Following the dinner – around 8:00pm – will be the first of three Main Sessions (“Cultural Man VS Biblical Man”). The main sessions include worship through song, prayer, and through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Upon dismissal from the first main session, attendees will have more time for fellowship and participate in activities until around 11:00 when it’s “lights out”.  
The second day will start with breakfast in the cafeteria at 7:00am, followed by the 2nd Main Session (“A Biblical Husband”). After dismissing from the 2nd Main Session, attendees will be broken up into different teams for some fun break-out activities. At noon, another delicious meal will be served, followed by a brief time of fellowship and more fun activities. We’ll wrap up the retreat with the 3rd Main Session (“Biblical Fatherhood and Sonship”). After dismissal from the 3rd Main Session, attendees will be given time to collect their personal items and clean up any messes before our scheduled departure at 5:00pm. 

Items YOU Need to Bring:  

The most important thing EVERYONE needs to bring is their Bible and a desire to dig into God’s Word. A spirit of humility and a zeal for christian community and fellowship would also be welcome.

  • If you’re staying in the Cabins: Each attendee will need to bring a sleeping bag or bedding (for their personal bunk), as well as extra weather-appropriate clothing and personal hygiene items (clean showers ARE available for those staying in the cabins).
  • If you’re staying in in a Tent: You’ll obviously need a tent and each person within will need a sleeping bag, personal hygiene items, and any other personal items they need (showers will NOT be available for Tent campers).

About the Guest Speaker:

photo of jon lynn
Jonathan ‘Jon‘ Lynn is what many would consider to be a “manly man”. He’s an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys mountain biking, motorcycle riding, camping, and hunting. He loves British made motorcycles and restoring old vehicles. He can grow a beard at the drop of a hat, and seems comfortable in nearly any situation or setting. Although it’s not his profession, he’s also a certified Crossfit Trainer. And while those attributes are what some would consider to be “manly”, they are not nearly as important to him as the primary things he focuses on: 
Jon is foremost a Child of God – a Believer – a man dedicated to knowing, treasuring and following Christ above all else. He is a devoted husband to his wife Esther, and the father of four beautiful girls. He leads his family well and it’s noticeable by his peers. Jon is a member of Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY, and serves his church sacrificially in many ways. With all cultural definitions aside, this man exudes “biblical manliness”, and is a great example for us to learn from during this encouraging weekend.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For safety and liability purposes, each Person/Son under the age of 18 must be accompanied by either a *recognizable Father* (with proper identification) or an eligible Mentor (they cannot come alone).  If a minor child is being accompanied by a Mentor, the Mentor must undergo and pass a background check in order to accompany the child during this event. 


Partnership Request: 

If you would like to help with this event, or if your church would like to sponsor some aspects to make it more affordable for attendees (one of the meals, some books, one of the activities), please feel free to email me at and I’ll try to respond as quickly as I possibly can. 
We hope you’ll encourage the men and sons in your church to come and grow in Biblical Manhood with us.