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The bible tells us that we’re not made to be “alone” (Gen. 2:18) or to do things by ourselves, and scripture shows us that it takes other people to help “sharpen” or “build us up” (1st Thess. 5:11; Eph. 4:16).  It takes a commitment to be enveloped within a biblical “Community” in order to grow in maturity. We need opportunity for Discipleship in order to grow in our faith and in our understanding of scripture, of Jesus, of sin, of holiness and of the very heart of God. And that’s what these Missional Community Groups are all about.

Each group is a little different from the other, but they all have the same primary goal: to “Grow”.  This includes growing in love for God, in love for one another, in unity of the faith, and in number through missional opportunities. Some weeks you’ll simply be enjoying a meal with one another, other weeks you may be studying and discussing a particular scripture or idea, and some weeks you may be carrying out a missional project in the community. However, each week is an opportunity to grow in every way, so I hope you’ll contact and visit one of the groups listed above!

Since each group meets at different locations and at different times (their schedule changes at times), please fill out the informational form below, and we’ll gladly send you a list of the upcoming days and times that Each of the Missional Community Groups will be meeting.

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