The Sunday Grind – An Exhortation

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[This article was originally posted on Pastor Josh’s personal blog, but we felt it should be shared here as well] It might happen often… It’s Sunday morning and you’re walking alongside your family into church. This is only the second week you’ve been able to be here in the past few months because of several conflicting […]

Letters To The Church – Part 2 – “Strive for Unity through Community?”

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Good Afternoon Church Family,        This letter is the SECOND email in a THREE-PART series addressing some items that I feel are important to discuss within EVERY church (not just ours). The first letter (found here)was published around March of 2018, and much like the first letter, I hope you will consider that […]

How Do We Worship Before, During and After We Sing?

  First, a Confession Looking back over the past two years this week, the Lord has opened my eyes to a “failure” on my behalf in which I am greatly ashamed of and need to ask forgiveness for. Bluntly speaking, I’ve failed to instruct, teach, and encourage you from the Word of God as to […]