Letters To The Church – Part 1 – “Where Are You?”

Good Afternoon Church Family,        This letter is the first email in a THREE-PART series addressing some items that I feel are important to discuss within EVERY church (not just ours). When you read through this letter, I hope you will consider that these words are being written in a spirit of love […]

Help Us Find a Home [FOUND]

[PLEASE SEE THE MOST RECENT ARTICLE TITLED: “Exciting Update and Important Request” for an AMAZING Report on this topic]

2016 GCC Year End Review

It’s easy to go through each week and miss out on the many things God is doing in your church, and it’s even easier to think that God is not moving when you don’t see what it happening. Sometimes we get discouraged when BIG things are not happening…but often times, it just takes a simple look […]