Why did we plant a church?

There are churches everywhere in our section of the world. “There is something for everyone” is a phrase said about the modern world that is filled with churches of all shapes, sizes, and personal tastes. The planters of Gospel Community Church thought long on the error of this phrase, because they saw that there truly was NOT a church for everyone. In fact, there are MANY that are overlooked…

As an example, the fourth largest unreached people group in the world is the Deaf Community. The United States of America itself only has an estimated 39 Churches aimed primarily at reaching and including Deaf People, and those churches are under constant pressure to close due to lack of support. When you add in other disabilities and oppressed people groups, there is a massive need for more churches reaching the overlooked.

Gospel Community Church is a driven church that seeks to reach lost people in every tongue, tribe, nation and people group. Please feel free to come and be a part of what God is doing at Gospel Community Church. Whether you are Deaf or hearing, poor or wealthy, black, white, or any other ethnicity, this truly is a place for everyone – and it’s a place for YOU!

GCC’s Pastors & Elders

Danny Hinton
Danny HintonPastor of Preaching & Vision
Growing up in Hancock County, Kentucky, Pastor Danny Hinton attended Western Kentucky University and eventually began his career as a licensed professional American Sign Language Interpreter for the local schools system of Daviess County, Kentucky. Working in both grade schools and college, it was during his career that the Holy Spirit began to soften his heart to the acceptance of the Gospel and Danny was saved by grace. Very quickly, it was revealed to Danny the plans that God had for him.
Danny now attends Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he is studying to earn his Masters in Divinity, He is the planter/founding Pastor of Gospel Community Church.
Danny is married to his wonderful wife, Tennille, and together they have three children.
Joshua Vandgrift
Joshua VandgriftExecutive & Worship Pastor
Joshua Vandgrift was also raised in Hancock County, in a home where following Christ was taught by example daily. His father preached in and around Western Kentucky for as far back as he could remember, and even hosted a radio program at one point from the confines of Joshua’s closet.
Joshua began playing music at the age of four, starting out on violin and piano and progressing to a number of other instruments. He’s served in many areas of music over the years, even interning/externing briefly at a recording studio on Music Row in Nashville, TN. His biggest desire is to help raise up worship leaders from within the church who value and strive for biblical, God-honoring worship.
In 2006, Joshua was able to sweet-talk a beautiful woman named Lori into marrying him, and they have been blessed with three beautiful children.
Joshua Huffman
Joshua HuffmanPastor & Planter-In-Training
Joshua was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. Prior to planting Gospel Community Church, he served as a Pastoral Intern in First Baptist Church‘s Deaf Ministry in Bowling Green, KY. Joshua and his wife Crystal have been married since 2015 and have two Children. Joshua is a gifted Pastor who we intend on “sending out” to lead (or plant) a church aimed at reaching the Deaf Community in the near future. He currently works vocationally in the Deaf Studies department of the local school system. Joshua enjoys learning, cooking, playing games with his family and serving the LORD!

GCC’s Deacons

Bill HedgesDeacon of Finance & Organization
Wayne SwiftDeacon of Benevolence
Robin HintonDeacon of Security & Member Care
Nick SheffieldDeacon of Member Care
Chas RockholdDeacon of Member Care
Tony DaughertyDeacon of Hospitality
Benji BurtonLegacy Deacon

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