It’s easy to go through each week and miss out on the many things God is doing in your church, and it’s even easier to think that God is not moving when you don’t see what it happening. Sometimes we get discouraged when BIG things are not happening…but often times, it just takes a simple look back on the previous year to see God’s hand in your church.

2016 was an EXCEPTIONAL year for Gospel Community Church, and I wanted to take a moment to highlight everything that God has done in and through GCC. It is only through His grace and mercy alone that these things came about, so please give God the glory alone for everything that conspired in 2016:

MOST IMPORTANTLY…. in 2016, we witnessed people come to faith in Christ Jesus right here at GCC and have baptized people nearly monthly. We have seen people grown in faith, in sanctification, and in fellowship with one another here – all of this the work of God and God ALONE.

If all of the previous things I mentioned didn’t happen in 2016, this past year would still be overwhelmingly BLESSED by seeing our new brothers and sisters come to faith in Christ Jesus – being adopted into the Kingdom of God!

If you ever think for a moment that God hasn’t moved here in Owensboro – or here at GCC – or that the work God makes available for us to do here may not be worth it….just take a look around, and take inventory as to what God Alone has done in our little church…

So let’s take a moment and PRAISE GOD for what HE ALONE has done here at GCC and here in Owensboro in 2016!