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From the Pastors of Gospel Community Church

Welcome to
Gospel Community Church!

That’s for visiting with us online, and we hope you’ll visit with us soon in person! If this is the first time hearing about GCC, we’d like to share a little information about us, so that you’ll know what to expect if and when you come visit with us.

  • Gospel Community Church in Owensboro, KY is a new “Church Plant”, which means we are somewhat newly formed. Some of our church-planting partners can be found below, which includes several gospel-centered churches, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, the North American Missions Board, and even the Southern Baptist Conference for the Deaf.
  • We are currently growing and meeting in Owensboro, KY, with hopes to plant more churches throughout the state and nation.
  • GCC is multi-cultural, and a good portion of our church congregation is made up of folks from the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Our services are tailored for both the hearing and the Deaf, and you’ll see both spoken English and American Sign Language throughout our formal worship services.

What it’s like at GCC:

Visiting Gospel Community Church in Owensboro, KY, you’ll notice a few things from the moment you walk through the door. The first thing you’ll notice is that we are blessed to have folks from all walks of life gathering here…Deaf, hearing, poor, affluent, black, white, and everything in between. You’ll also notice that there’s no requirement to dress up (though we do ask that our congregants dress in moderation and with consideration to others – meaning nothing offensive or distracting).

Our contemporary style of worship is shaped from scripture to honor and glorify God, and our dedication to expositional preaching means that you’ll hear what God is teaching us within his holy scriptures by examining scripture in great detail – taking context, definitions, and applications from the bible and not from our own fallible minds. Our greatest desire is to know God more, and this can only be accomplished by careful study of the Bible through expositional preaching and study.

Finally, you should notice that GCC is a missions-minded church, and we take the Great Commission very seriously. We specifically have a heart for the world-wide Deaf Community, which is the 4th largest “Unreached People Group” (less that 1% reached). With God’s grace, Gospel Community Church will be a mighty force within the Deaf Community, by training pastors to help plant Deaf churches within Kentucky, throughout the nation, and around the world – in order to share the good news of the gospel and win brothers and sisters to Christ.

  • Biblical Contemporary Worship

    Our formal yet contemporary worship service is modeled from scripture with the priority being on glorifying God.

  • Colliding Cultures

    With a diverse congregation consisting of folks from all walks of life, we aim to fulfill Jesus’s command in Mathew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. 

  • Casual Attire

    Casual dress is perfectly acceptable – no need to get your best suit out to join us! We simply ask that our visitors and members be respectful to others by dressing modestly and non-offensively.

  • Mission Minded

    We strive to carry out the Great Commission (Matt 28:19) in our daily lives and through purposeful missional activities. Our most focused mission is the Deaf Community, which is the 4th largest Unreached People Group (UPG). This is where our heart is and where we focus the majority of our missional efforts.

Our Heart and Mission:

GCC is a group of missionaries, a body of believers, a population of diverse individuals united by the common relationship with Jesus Christ.  We desire to glorify God through the mission of Jesus Christ and to make Him known among all peoples in accordance with Acts 1:8.  Furthermore, we seek to see the unreached Deaf population reached with the good news of the Gospel here in Owensboro, within the state of Kentucky, throughout our nation, and globally.

GCC looks to the example of the church found in the book of Acts 2:42-47
Discipleship– “They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching…” We promote spiritual growth and maturity through an understanding of Scriptures and their application to everyday life.
Fellowship– … “Devoted to the fellowship…all the believers were together and had everything in common…they ate together.” We want to make sure that loving relationships permeate every aspect of our church inside and out.
Worship-“They devoted themselves to breaking of bread and to prayer…praising God.” We desire to be a worshipping community of faith, responding in praise and obedience to God’s truth. We want to glorify God in our worship of Him.
Ministry-“They gave to anyone as he had need.” We want to serve Jesus’ name to our church, local community and world.
Evangelism– “And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being baptized.” We desire to share the gospel (good news) of God through Christ locally and globally. Evangelism to both the hearing and Deaf is a natural by-product of healthy church.
GCC’s Mission Statement is as follows: “GCC exists to GATHER (Hebrews 10:25), GROW (Ephesians 4:14-15), and GO (Matthew 28:18-20)

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